We are very excited to announce a special Trio Flux performance at the home of Rebecca Sherman and Nick O’Neil in SE Portland on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 6:00 pm.  This concert is sponsored by Abundant Harvest CSA, a local farm in Helvetia, OR run by my friends Steve and Mishelle Radtke, of which I am a member.  Trio Flux will perform 2 sets of music from our upcoming CD release, there will be food and drink provided by Abundant Harvest and our hosts Rebecca & Nick (dishes will be prepared from fresh ingredients from the farm).  Tickets are $10, or $25 (includes CD pre-order), all proceeds go toward the final costs of producing our debut CD.  A limited number of tickets are available for this event.  To purchase tickets, call or email Neil (503-830-1657).

Steve and Mishelle Radtke of Abundant Harvest CSA

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