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Trio Flux – their first, and self-titled album

by Mark Niemann-Ross on January 11, 2011

There’s something you ought to know about Jazz jams. If you’re not a musician, and just attending casually, you are probably not aware of the undercurrent and secondary purpose behind the evening sessions. If you’re a musician, you know they are more than just playing music. They are a chance to meet other jazz artists, both person-to-person, and instrument-to-instrument. Composers can bring new charts, vocalists can display their chops, bands can form. Granted, the music is rough and unpracticed – but you can find the essence of the jazz scene, and a preview of what is to come over the next year.

2010 saw the demise of the Proper Eats Jazz Jam, but in the form of Trio Flux, at least the house band lives on. Trio Flux, brainchild of Neil Mattson along with Julio Appling on bass and Adam Ochshorn on drums continue the original music that was first aired at Proper Eats. Unlike playing music in a jam session, Trio Flux took the opportunity to understand each other, and the music they created. Their self-titled album is the first fruit of those labors. Read more…

Trio Flux – hidden, but worth hearing

by Mark Niemann-Ross on April 3, 2010

Portland has great jazz hidden all over town, and available for your cheap (or free) listening pleasure. You just have to hear about it from a friend, and then show up. Here’s your first tip – go see Trio Flux with Neil Mattson on guitar, Adam Ochshorn on drums, and Julio Appling on bass. Read more…

Neil Mattson (guitar), Adam Ochshorn (drums), and Julio Appling (bass)
Trio Flux at Camellia Lounge and Tea Zone.