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Geare Music, the #1 hit factory of St. Johns, in association with Apes Tapes, the hottest cassette tape label in Portland, is extremely proud to present an event of unprecedented proportions. The evening will begin with the avant-garde, virtuostic instrumental jazz-fusion stylings of TRIO FLUX. Their self-titled cd (produced at Geare Music) will be for sale….Next up is RADIATION CITY, an amazing new group that features one of the most breathtaking female vocalists on the scene, surrounded by amazing arrangements of reverb-laden guitar, electric piano, live and electronic drums, bass and harmonies. Their new release, “The Hands That Take You” will be available on cassette (with digital download code) from Apes Tapes. And finally, the evening will explode into all out rock ‘n roll fury when THE TOMORROW PEOPLE take the stage. If you haven’t seen us yet, THIS is the show to catch! If you have seen us, then you won’t need to be told twice that we are here to rock your face off. All in all, a night you won’t soon forget! Hope to see you there…(DETAILS).

The trio is  currently in the process of recording our first record at Geare Music Studios in St. Johns.  Riley Geare is engineering the project and Neil Mattson is wearing the producer’s hat. Trio Flux is committed to recording the entire project live, without cuts, edits, overdubs (exception: chords on Snake Bit takes 1 and 2), and with minimal digital plug-ins. Our hope is to have the record completed by the end of this summer.  I’m posting some of our takes from sessions on March 13th, and May 5th, 2010 here.