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We are back at the Camellia Lounge this Friday, March 2, 2012, 9pm (details).  This show was originally supposed to be our Kickstarter campaign kickoff party, but the campaign announcement has been postponed as we work out the logistics for our upcoming record.  Instead, we are excited to debut our 3-part rock suite for soprano electric guitar!  This piece has been really fun to put together and record. We will be releasing “Witar Suite” (as we call it) as a digital download on  Right now we are in the mixing phase so it should be available in April 2012.

Also, on Friday we will be joined by Marc Hutchinson on tenor sax.  Marc is an awesome talent and he really brings energy and exceptional musicianship to the bandstand.  It’s going to be a great show and we can’t wait!

Again, here are the vitals on this Friday’s show (details).

We’ve got many plates spinning, pots cooking, choose your metaphor…Trio Flux is working hard this fall on a number of exciting projects! Last week we were in the studio recording our latest work, a 3-part rock suite composed by Neil. It’s nearly 25 minutes of musical flux-uations, a sort of homage to our favorite rock bands of our youth with a healthy dose of formal and harmonic complexities. We plan on releasing unleashing the currently untitled piece via as soon as it’s mixed and mastered. This will be a download-only digital offering to keep our fans satisfied while we work on our next full length record.

Speaking of the next record! We’ve got nearly enough new material to fill out an album. Many of these tunes we’ve been playing at our shows over the past few months. Our plan is to begin recording this winter with a release goal for the end of summer 2012.

As far as shows goes, we have 3 big ones coming up…

10/7 – Acoustic Flux: Trio Flux @ Barile’ Wine & Beer, 8pm, no cover (details).

All acoustic, all night! Neil on flat-top acoustic guitar, Julio upright bass, and Adam on brushes. The toned-down texture offers us the opportunity to re-interpret Trio Flux classics! Throw in some Bill Frisell (and maybe some Lefty too!!) this will be a memorable night of music!

10/21 – Trio Flux @ Camellia Lounge, 9pm, $5 (details).

Back to our old tricks again, full blown Trio Flux in all its glory. Don’t miss this show – and perhaps a chance to hear the aforementioned and currently untitled Rock Suite!

11/6 – Ninkasi Brewery Presents: Trio Flux @ The Blue Monk, 8pm, $3-7 (details).

This is the big one we’ve all been waiting for. Trio Flux with special guests Andrew Oliver (keys), James M. Gregg (trumpet), and Marc Hutchinson (tenor sax). New arrangements for the expanded instrumentation, Herbie, Miles, and more. Don’t miss this one!!

Announcing our CD Release Party on Friday February 4, 2011 at The Globe on SE Belmont in Portland (details).  The show starts at 9PM and is free.  We will be selling our new CD at the show (we can take plastic!).  It should be a good one: lots of tunes from the album plus at least 4 new tunes slated for the next CD, and a couple of Bill Frisell and Herbie Hancock tunes to round out the set.  The Globe is a nice spot to hang and listen to music, they have a full bar, some nice brews on tap and a full menu (the pizza is fantastic!).  We’ll see you there!

Trio Flux – their first, and self-titled album

by Mark Niemann-Ross on January 11, 2011

There’s something you ought to know about Jazz jams. If you’re not a musician, and just attending casually, you are probably not aware of the undercurrent and secondary purpose behind the evening sessions. If you’re a musician, you know they are more than just playing music. They are a chance to meet other jazz artists, both person-to-person, and instrument-to-instrument. Composers can bring new charts, vocalists can display their chops, bands can form. Granted, the music is rough and unpracticed – but you can find the essence of the jazz scene, and a preview of what is to come over the next year.

2010 saw the demise of the Proper Eats Jazz Jam, but in the form of Trio Flux, at least the house band lives on. Trio Flux, brainchild of Neil Mattson along with Julio Appling on bass and Adam Ochshorn on drums continue the original music that was first aired at Proper Eats. Unlike playing music in a jam session, Trio Flux took the opportunity to understand each other, and the music they created. Their self-titled album is the first fruit of those labors. Read more…